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The Essential Live Songbook Jewel

The Essential Live Songbook | Jewel
Track List:
1. 1,000 Miles Away
2. Near You Always
3. Stephenville
4. Morning Song
5. Fly To Me Angel
6. Foolish Games
7. You Were Meant For Me
8. Long Slow Slide
9. Hands
10. Good Day
11. Satellite
12. Everybody Needs Someone Sometime
13. Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone
14. Break Me
15. Where You Are
16. Standing Still
17. Intuition
18. Who Will Save Your Soul
19. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
20. Yodel

1. Near You Always
2. Just Passing Time
3. 1,000 Miles Away
4. Little Sister
5. The New Wild West
6. Sometimes It Be That Way
7. Get Ready Boy
8. Morning Song
9. Rosy and Mick
10. Grey Matter
11. Break Me
12. Violet Eyes
13. Life Uncommon
14. Cold Songs
15. Racecar Driver
16. Foolish Games
17. You Were Meant For Me
18. Who Will Save Your Soul
19. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
20. I'm Sensitive
21. Hands
22. Satellite
23. Intuition
24. Anything Goes
25. Per La Gloria d'Adoravi
26. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
27. Yodel


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